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We are pleased to bring to your attention This electronic edition is devoted to Medicine and will cover different issues of almost all branches of Medicine.

There is no need to highlight the importance of Health for a human being, especially now days.

Everything starts with Health and everything comes back to it.

Modern life is full of pressure and problems. Some people can cope with them, others are opposite. Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, eating wrong kind of food, physical inactivity, negative emotions, pollution of environment, stress make millions of people seriously ill. How do we get diseases and how to find the way of preventing them? That is the question we would like to answer with the help of

We hope this edition will serve as a communication platform between doctors and scientists from different countries. It will help them to share their experience and information about latest developments, innovation technologies, new methods of diagnosis and new approaches in treatment of different diseases in different branches of Medicine.

Let us create the Medicine of future, Medicine of the 21 century.

Respectfully yours,
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